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Some of our campers have been coming to Camp Woof since the day we opened our doors, and we believe it's our dedication to the dogs well being and safety that keeps them coming back. When a dog walks his parent through our doors for the first time, they both become part of the Camp Woof family.

We take our commitment to safety seriously, and even though we love all dogs, not every dog can be a Camp Woof camper. All of our dogs have to be up-to-date on shots, spayed or neutered once they reach seven (7) months, and friendly (or at least civil) with the other dogs and the counselors.
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Our outside play area has sundecks for your dog to lounge on, a pavilion for shade. And there are plenty of staff members in the play areas, so your pooch also always has someone watching him.

And we have three different sized kennels, so when your dog bunks with us overnight, he'll have plenty of room to stretch his legs, whether he's a Great Dane or a tiny Chihuahua.
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