A nutritious diet is key to having a happy dog or cat. We carry the following brands of dog and cat foods in our retail store, Woof's General store.

California Natural, Innova EVO, Karma -

Canidae/Felidae -

Eagle Pack Holistic and Eagle Pack Super Premium -

Merrick -

Nature's Variety Prairie and Instinct -

Orijen -

Solid Gold -

Wellness -

Wysong -


A well-trained dog makes a happy, well-behaved dog. We recommend the following trainers:

Beastie Darlings -

Canine PhD -

The Alpha Academy of Dog Training - doesn't have a website, but their number is 404.874.5224.


Dress your dog in style. Our retail store, Woof's General Store, carries the following premium collars and leashes, as well as training harnesses and head halters:

Lupine -

Walk-e-Woo -

Planet Dog -

Canny Collar -

Gentle Leader and Easy Walk -

Rogz -


We're proud to be associated with a wonderful rescue organization:

Ruffus Rescue -


Another great resource for adopting a dog:

Petfinder -


If your dog ever needs to receive medical attention when your vet's clinic is closed or if there's a medical situation that requires immediate care, the following veterinary clinics are open 24 hours:

Georgia Veterinary Specialists -

Pets Are People Too -

DeKalb-Gwinnett Animal Emergency Clinic -

The Animal Emergency Clinic of Decatur -


For your on-line reading enjoyment. (It's well worth subscribing to the hard copy of these publications, too.)

Whole Dog Journal -

Your Dog -

The Bark -

Camp Cams



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