Camp Woof of Norcross also offers professional grooming services. Our Master Groomer has been grooming for over twenty-five years and ensures your dog's grooming experience will be safe and fun. And you can rest assured that we only use natural, premium grooming products.

Grooming Spa Services:

  • Bath and Brush (shampoo of your choice, conditioner, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal glands, and bow or bandana) $25 and up
  • Full Grooming (includes bath and brush services plus a stylish hair cut) $45 and up
  • Nail Trim With Grinder $10
  • Flea Shampoo $5
  • Teeth brushing $10
  • Blueberry and Vanilla Facial Scrub (helps remove tear stains) $8
  • Paw Creme (softens, soothes, and protects paws) $8
  • Massage (10 minutes) $10

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