Requirements and Rates


Because we're dedicated to your dog's safety and wellbeing, all of our campers must be up-to-date on their bordetella (kennel cough), DHLPP, and rabies vaccinations. (All puppies must be at least three (3) months old and through their third round of their puppy shots.) And all of our dogs must be spayed or neutered once they reach seven (7) months (except for dogs who are coming for traditional boarding).

We also want to make sure that our campers play well with others (or are at least civil towards them), so every dog must come in for a required day or daycare before they can make a boarding reservation or sign up for a multi-visit daycare package. On your dog's first day at Camp Woof, he'll go through an introduction process where he'll slowly meet other dogs so we can see how he responds to and interacts with the different personalities and activity levels of the dogs in the playgroup. (Dogs coming for traditional boarding do not need to complete the required day of daycare.)

If your dog is relaxed and comfortable, the introduction might last half an hour. If your dog is nervous and shy, the introduction might take three or four hours. Since we don't know how long an introduction is going to last, we like for our new dogs to be in sometime between 7am and 11am, and to stay with us for at least six hours. This gives us time to make sure your dog gets along with the other dogs (as well as the staff) and that he's happy at camp, and it also gives your dog the chance to explore the facility and get to know the other dogs and the staff, so he's on familiar ground the next time he comes back to camp.

To set up your dog's first day of daycare, call us at 770.558.6100 for further details. Then you'll just need to have your vet fax shot records to us at 770.558.6102, and you can either download our registration form or fill one out on your dog's first day.

While most dogs that come through our door do well, we're aware that dog daycare isn't for every dog. If we signs of aggression from a dog, we will pull him from the playgroup and ask his parents that he not return to camp. Our "no aggressive dog" policy is applied to all campers, whether it's their first day of daycare or whether they've been to us for three years. This policy helps us ensure that our playgroup is safe for all kinds of dogs—shy ones, social ones, large ones, small ones, young ones, old ones. We even have blind, deaf, or three-legged dogs. And they all get along with each other.

Also, if a dog suffers from such severe separation anxiety that he won't relax despite all efforts to get him to calm down, we'll let you know that this environment might not be the best for him and will be happy to recommend a petsitter. We want the dogs at Camp Woof to be happy, and we'll always let you know how your dog does during his visits.




1 dog / 1/2 day $16
2 dogs / 1/2 day $28
3 dogs / 1/2 day $38
**½ day is six (6) hours or less.

1 dog /1 day $22
2 dogs / 1 day $40
3 dogs /1 day $58


Daycare packages are available to help you save money on the cost of a daycare visit.

1 dog/5 visits $105
1 dog/10 visits $200
1 dog/15 visits $285
1 dog/30 visits $540

2 dogs/5 visits $190
2 dogs/10 visits $380
2 dogs/15 visits $555
2 dogs/30 visits $1080


Traditional Boarding

1 dog

$38/night if the visit is 1-7 nights
$33/night if the visit is 8 nights or more

Each Additional Dog

$25/night regardless of length of stay

Spacious, private luxury suites are available.

We also offer boarding packages. Talk to one of our managers for more information.


Holiday Boarding Surcharge Policy

Over the Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve holidays, a surcharge will be applied to all boarding reservations. The surcharge is $3/night per dog unless using boarding package. Our managers will be happy to discuss this policy and provide you with the dates the surcharge will be applied.

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