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My name is Bear and I am here to tell you all about Camp Woof. But first, a little about myself. I am a Shepherd mix who used to spend countless hours at home waiting on dad to get home and play with me. In addition to putting on some extra pounds and getting out of shape, this was VERY BORING and I would sometimes get into mischief or annoy our neighbors by hanging around outside barking at the wind ... "what's a dog to do?". This was the story of my life until one day my dad realized that I (and your dog too) deserve better for all the faithful companionship and love that we as dogs give to our moms and dads so he opened Camp Woof!!

Camp Woof is an innovative approach to doggie daycare and boarding. Doggie daycare works just like daycare for humans. Drop your dog off in the morning on the way to work, and while you’re working hard to bring home the bacon, umm bacon …… wait where was I – oh yeah, they’ll play all day with me and my friends in a cageless open environment. PLAYMATES (that is what we call our two legged friends) are here all day to play with us and make sure we don’t get out of control or into any trouble - after all kids will be kids and we all need time-out every now and then.

When you pick up your pup after a long day at work, you’ll find your dog happy, tired and ready to spend the evening at home relaxing JUST LIKE YOU. Camp Woof is THE place for your dog to run, jump, bark, and socialize in a controlled environment designed for healthy, friendly dogs.

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