All the benefits of daycare plus a spacious kennel to eat and sleep in. We strive to make Camp Woof your dog’s home away from home. We recommend that you bring your pet’s food, bed, treats, special toys, blankets, even pictures of mom & dad to make his or her stay the best it can be (sometimes a shirt with your scent on it is best).

While we do offer high quality holistic food at an additional charge per meal, we highly recommend bringing the food that your dog eats at home. We will ask detailed questions about how much and how often your dog eats during your check-in. We gladly accommodate food that requires refrigeration/microwaving, or special mixing.


Although not required, to reduce stress on your dog we recommend several days of daycare prior to the first boarding visit. This allows your dog to get comfortable with the Playmates and also know that mom & dad will be back to get them.


All dogs must be spayed or neutered. We welcome unaltered puppies who have received their complete round of puppy shots to come and stay with us up until 8 months of age.

To make a reservation, you need to complete a Daycare & Boarding Registration & Release Form, provide us with proof of current vaccinations, and your dog must successfully pass a temperament test. A valid credit card number is required to hold your space and manage our Cancellation Policy.

Temperament tests generally last 5 hours to allow us to appropriately assess your dog in order to make this a positive experience. This test allows us to observe your dog in a controlled small group environment to see how they will react to other dogs. Dogs must be non-aggressive towards people and other dogs. Aggressive dogs will not be allowed to stay.

We require the following vaccinations:
DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvo & Para Influenza)
Bordatella (Kennel Cough, Tracheo Bronchitis)

We accept titer tests in lieu of the actual vaccination

A 24-hour cancellation notice is required for non-holiday boarding reservations. If we do not receive a 24-hour notice, then one night's boarding fee will be assessed. Holiday reservations require 72-hour cancellation notice. If we do not receive a 72-hour notice, then one night's boarding fee will be assessed. Once a holiday reservation has begun, a fee of $10/night (per dog) will be assessed if you end up shortening the reservation.


(Rates are based upon the number of dogs per kennel.)

1 dog

$35/night if the visit is 1-7 nights
$30/night if the visit is 8 nights or more

Each Additional Dog

$23/night regardless of length of stay

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